Hand Crafted, Canadian Jewellery and Masks

Our designers and jewellers have been hard at work to make sure their collaborations will spark the interest of our audience all in the name of mental health awareness.

All proceeds raised through this silent auction will benefit mental health initiatives at Holland Bloorview Kids  Rehabilitation Hospital and New Start Foundation.

The silent auction is now closed. Congratulations and thank you to all of our winners, bidders and donors..

The link is still open below should you wish to make a donation.

*Please note, all masks are non-medical grade. Some of our items may require a mask underneath. Please ensure you wear your mask correctly. Wearing a non medical mask does not completely prevent the possibility of contracting COVID-19. Physical distancing, good hand washing techniques and isolating if you are feeling unwell are always advised and proven to help avoid contracting COVID-19. Please contact your local public health office for current advisories and updates. No refunds  or exchanges; all purchases are final sale.

Hand washing masks is recommended over machine wash unless otherwise noted. Wash your mask between every wear. Some masks may require a second mask to be worn.